1983 Comic to Comic - Comic book documentation of 9 x 9 cm frames from mailartists.
1984 Another Stamp Album - A stamp album of mailartists' stamp designs.
1985 Ticket Art - Artist-designed tickets, collages and found tickets. The mail art show, "Just the Ticket" was displayed at Didsbury Library, Manchester in January 1986.
1986 - 1987 Elements - Mailartists were asked for a small part of their visual art, their written work and their sound (on audio cassette).
1988 The Eclectic Hermit - Composite booklet.
1990 Jigsaw - Blank jigsaw pieces were sent to mailartists, worked into and returned for assembly and documentation.
1991 Jackson Pollock's Shoes - Accidental masterpieces from famous artists documented as a spoof Christie's auction catalogue.
1991 Receipts Project - Lifesize sculpture of the 'Global Shopper' and shopping trolley covered with shopping receipts, made during Activity Week at Joseph Eastham School.
1992 to Date - Ersatz Ephemera - Ongoing project collecting and reworking ephemeral objects such as tickets, labels etc.
1993 The English Suppressionists - Mailart project about 'Englishness'. The first English Suppressionist Exhibition held at Brighton Marina Arts Index Gallery.
1995 Artists' Cheques - Artist-designed bank cheques culminating in the Artistcheckbooks sent to each participant. Displayed in London, York and in Holland.
1996 Cuttings for the Studio Floor (Joint project with Leanda Ryan) - Mailartists were asked for a small part of their work for a collaged floor at 2 Ferngate Drive.
1999 Proxy Tape Cassette Edition of mail art inspired music.
2001 Our Day Out Mailartists asked to document a Day Trip for an exhibition at Joseph Eastham High School, Salford.
2002 Abstract Realism - Mailartists invited to join the Abstract Realists, a post post-modern movement of multiple manifestos.
2004 Mailart Font - Artists invited to send one character for the Mailart Typeface.
2006 - 2009 Cameraderie - Web gallery of mailartist photoportraits.
2012 - 2015 Mailograms - Monogram designs for mailartists.